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The Ultimate Onboarding Playbook

  • This is an easy and practical 6-step approach to helping you make the most of your first 90 days as a new principal so you can hit the ground running and gain credibility.

  • Hands-On Activities you can customize to your reality to help you confidently ease into your principalship.

  • Bonus Resources to complete your unique onboarding experience and add to your leadership toolbox

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Programme audio:
S'épanouir dans la déstabilisation

The First-Year Principal Classroom (4) 2.24.31 PM.png
  • 15 stratégies à fort impact pour naviguer la déstabilisation en tant que leader scolaire

  • Guide de réflexion que vous pouvez télécharger pour approfondir votre apprentissage

  • Style balado idéal pour les leaders qui aiment apprendre en bougeant

Access all of my coaching videos!

Perfect for on-the-go learning for the leader looking for a quick lesson and a quick win!

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Huit conseils pour vos six premières semaine en poste

Un programme AUDIO qui est conçu spécifiquement pour les nouvelles directions scolaires, vous offrant des conseils pratiques et des stratégies éprouvées pour vous aider à naviguer avec succès vos premières semaines dans ce rôle crucial de direction.

100 Books Every School Leader Should Have In Their Library

This curated list is a treasure trove of knowledge, carefully selected to inspire, guide, and empower educational leaders at all stages of their careers. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of leadership principles, explore innovative educational strategies, or find practical solutions to everyday challenges, this collection has something for everyone.

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