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A mindfully crafted

 workshop designed to support parents and educators on their quest to develop greater consciousness, awareness, and connection with themselves, their children, and their students.

Steeped in Dr. Shefali's Conscious Parenting Method™, learners will walk away with new and empowering strategies to better connect with the children in their lives.

Conscious Parenting


Who is this workshop for?

  • Parents

  • Non-parents working with youth

  • Principals

  • Teachers

  • Educational Assistants (EAs)

  • Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)

  • Coaches

  • School Social Workers

Here's what we'll cover

  • what is/isn’t the difference between traditional and conscious parenting

  • how to affect change and improve your child’s and your students' behavior

  • how to speak to your child and to your students that facilitate connection vs. disconnection

  • how to recognize and unlearn the parenting behaviors that are not serving you or your child

  • how to recognize and let go of your deeply ingrained parenting patterns

  • how fear fits in

  • how to be more mindful and attuned to your child’s and students' needs.

  • how to identify and manage your triggers 

  • how to set healthy boundaries with your children and students

  • how to integrate mindfulness at home and in the school setting

  • how to tame your ego (a.k.a the Inner Child)

  • how to develop a self-care ritual

The next

Conscious Parenting


will be held 

March 2021

via Zoom

1 Pm - 3 pm

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