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Always Make the Call

Sometimes, it's hard to call up a parent. ⁠

You ask yourself - does this really warrant a phone call? ⁠

Can I maybe let this one slide? ⁠

Am I bothering them at work and will they be upset with me if I do call?⁠

Then, I pause and remind myself - if I was a parent, I would want to know. I would want to be informed so I could work with the school to help my child. And this is the lens I choose to see through every time I call a parent. As educators, we are there for the child and we must always act according to what is best for our students. ⁠

That means that yes, sometimes the parent will get upset that you are "bothering them" at work, but then again, most often than not, you will get a grateful and proactive parent who will support your initiative to communicate with them.⁠

My message to you as a new school leader? ⁠

Make the call! You can never communicate too much!⁠

Question: Do you have a go-to strategy that helps you navigate calls to parents? ⁠

Do you call at a certain time? ⁠

Wait a bit to let tempers cool before calling?⁠

Start with a compliment before diving in?⁠

Share your thoughts below!⁠

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