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It`s Time to Tool-Up!

Just a friendly reminder to take a few minutes today to research different tools that may move the needle for you both as an#EducationalLeaderor as a teacher!⁠

Through my readings and research, I’ve discovered a fabulous communication tool called SMORE digital newsletters ( I can't tell you how this has increased parent engagement and how it has boosted morale; especially during these difficult times.⁠

I learned about this great resource through a fabulous book titled: Lead Like A Pirate by@burgess_shelleyand@bhouf. Check it out if you've never heard of it! I promise this will be a great addition to your#DigitalLeadershiptoolbox!⁠

What techno-tool is your#1go-to, life-saving resource? And what do you use it for? I would love to learn from you!⁠

Let's share our best resources and practices! Let's take this opportunity to UP our game!⁠

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