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On the Importance of Doing Your Inner Work First

A lot of my work as a school principal centres around mindfulness and presence. I'm a student of Dr. Shefali and recommend her work to many parents when I see them struggling to try to connect with their child. ⁠

Adopting a self-care practice is primarily about doing inner work. So many times, we feel that we get triggered by events, people or circumstances, but in reality, what is happening is that these situations are fanning the flame of an inner wound that hasn't been addressed. ⁠

Addressing these inner-wounds or pain bodies is a critical element to our wellness and self-care practice. It's not easy, but the work is very powerful. ⁠

I have been addressing my own inner wounds this past year and it has made a world of difference in the way I address discipline issues with my students. How? I no longer get triggered in the same way.⁠

Today, as I greet students in my office when they have made a poor choice, I approach matters in a much more compassionate, present way and connect with the child rather than unconsciously dole out sanctions. ⁠

Dr. Shefali's book The Awakened Family has truly altered my entire life view and has allowed me to be of greater service to my family, staff and students. ⁠

As a school administrator, how do you approach discipline issues? Do you try to connect first or do you ten to follow a laid-out protocol?⁠

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