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Setting the Stage for Self-Care

So this month, we're talking about the importance of self-care! We all know that these are uncertain times and that we are going through a dark tunnel. As school leaders, it's imperative to carve out a daily self-care routine to promote optimal mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Now is a great time to take a pause and ask yourself how it is you are taking care of your own needs?⁠

Self-care is not about going for a mani-pedi or a facial. Rather, it's about going inward and setting up a work environment that will allow you to take a pause once in a while as you navigate the day-to-day stressors that come with the role of a school principal.⁠

The first question to ask yourself is how are you setting the stage for self-care at work? ⁠

Is your office clear of visual clutter?⁠

Do you have photos of loved ones surrounding you?⁠

Is there artwork or a series of inspirational books you look through?⁠

Do you have an essential oil diffuser?⁠

Do you have a stock of healthy snacks readily available?⁠

Are you drinking enough water?⁠

Are you getting enough fresh air?⁠

Are you taking the time to connect with people?⁠

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and let me know if they resonate with you. ⁠

Starting today (or Monday depending on when you read this), what key takeaway do you want to implement in your day-to-day work routine?⁠

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with our community!

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