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The Importance of Positioning to Ensure Optimal Professional Growth

The Tao says, when you are on top of a mountain, you can see a the change of weather coming and prepare yourself accordingly. Positioning is key. ⁠

If you are aspiring to become a principal or if you are currently in the role of a school administrator, chances are you'll likely want to move ahead one day, either in a new position or embark on a challenging professional initiative. ⁠

Whatever the case may be, it`s critical to embrace the way of the Tao and anticipate this change by positioning yourself. ⁠

But how do you position yourself for change? What follows are some practices that have served me well in preparing for professional advancement and I hope they serve you as well.⁠

-Building critical leadership skills (communication, copywriting, presentation design, social media marketing...)⁠

-Seeking constructive feedback (don`t be afraid to ask for precisions and concrete examples)⁠

-Nurturing your network (make it expansive, not only focused on education and think outside the box - use social media!)⁠

-Learning something every day (with the help of audiobooks, podcasts, online courses...)⁠

-Updating your LinkedIn profile and resume⁠

What other ways would you recommend positioning yourself for the next step? ⁠

Let's share, connect and grow together!⁠

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