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The Value of Human Connection

Certain messages need to be delivered in person, others can be sent out generally through email. If there's one thing this virus has all thought us over these last weeks and months, is that face-to-face communication is certainly valued!⁠

As we come out of this dark tunnel, I encourage you to evaluate the ways you communicate with your staff, students and stakeholders. Are you motivated to get creative and to look into different approaches? Maybe start up a digital newsletter? Look into a school-wide texting program (I know our district uses one and it's fabulous), or call up personnel and parents personally to congratulate and highlight something positive! ⁠

Examine what communication tools you have in your arsenal and take them out. Reach out, be proactive. Through open and authentic communication will come trust and engagement! ⁠

What are you favourite forms of communication and why?⁠

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