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Today IS Your Starting Point

I love this quote so much because it`s such a great reminder to embrace the "as-isness" of your life and work with what you have. It`s the kick in the butt you need to embrace your complete reality and find the gold in the rubble. ⁠

Start where you are and GROW from there. ⁠

Think of one aspect of your career or role as a principal - school culture, staff support, curriculum support, fundraising, project development - and do ONE thing today to move the needle forward. ⁠

Keep it simple.⁠

Send out an email. ⁠

Call someone from your network. ⁠

Purchase a book.⁠

Read an inspiring quote. ⁠


After a few weeks, you`ll see all of these micro-actions will start adding up!⁠

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