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We Are All ONE

If there is one lesson we are all absorbing during these challenging times, is that we are all interdependent. We are all ONE.⁠

The concept of ONE-ness is critical to remember as a leader because you are NOTHING without each and every member of your crew. ⁠

Everyone deserves your attention. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone is part of your family. ⁠

I know you know this, but this is such an important lesson in communication. ⁠

As a leader, the way you communicate with everyone from your team will signal something very important to the other members of your tribe. It will signal whether or not you trustworthy.⁠

When a leader knows how to communicate openly and authentically with everyone - from all walks of life - they will not only shine their brightest light, but they will also send out a very clear message to all that they can indeed be trusted. ⁠

And a leader who is trusted will be able to move mountains with her people. ⁠

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