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Why I'm Here

I started writing this blog

because I felt that as a new school principal, I needed a place where I could offer resources and support to new school leaders. ⁠

Prior to my current role as an elementary school principal. I had spent three years as a high school assistant principal.⁠

I soon came to realize that being a principal was a whole different role!⁠

Just before my interview, I read many books on leadership, proper school management and how to motivate both teachers and students. But, I had a hard time finding a book that would guide me as a new school leader during my first year in the trenches. I was looking for practical tips and tricks to help me navigate typical first-year challenges any new school administrator would face. ⁠

That's when I decided to write my own book devoted to first-year and aspiring school administrators! ⁠

I'm currently working on my book titled The First-Year Principal which should be coming out sometime next year. In it, I'm adding all of the priceless lessons I've learned over the years as an assistant principal and currently as I'm navigating my first year as a principal. The lessons are all practical, doable, and hopefully will be of service to you!⁠

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the process of creating this resource while posting my favorite practices and leadership hacks here for you to access. ⁠

I also love connecting with my readers so feel free to drop a comment so we can exchange ideas and keep the conversation going! ⁠

What book have you read lately that totally inspired you?⁠

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