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Friday Finds #2

Here's to week 2 of Friday Finds! I always love taking time to journal on the past week's gems. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

Who knew Zoom started this way?

  • I'm currently taking a course titled The Power of Story to Fuel Innovation, and I discovered this great interview featuring the creator of Zoom, Eric Yuan. I was so inspired by Eric's story and how at the heart of his organization, what he wants most of all is for people to find happiness through connection. Check out his interview!

No more YouTube Ads!

  • Found this great tip on Instagram this week!

Now you can get rid of those pesky commercials with this simple trick!

Here's the secret to relieving stress and refuelling your mind

  • As I was listening to Leadership During Turbulent Times this week, I can across a passage that talked about Theodore Roosevelt and how he dealt with stress during his presidency. One word came to mind - MOVEMENT! As he navigated the tensions brought on by the coal strike of 1902, the president found tremendous relief through movement and intellectual challenges - not related to his work. In other words, President Roosevelt rested his mind and body by putting himself in different yet stimulating environments. He maintained his equilibrium during his most challenging and dyer times in office through this practice.

This young CEO inspires me!

  • This week, I listened to another great interview featuring Vimeo's CEO, Anjali Sud. This is a great little resource if you're seeking inspiration and want to access an example of someone who jumped into being the head leader of a large organization at the age of 34! Anjali is humble, intelligent, and authentic. She is an excellent example of modern-day leadership. You can click here to watch the interview.

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