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Social Media - A Critical Tool for Any School Leader

If I were to lead a principal's training program, the use of social media would be a unit in the program's curriculum! ⁠ I can't stress enough (especially now as we are deeply entrenched in the effects of the COVID-19 virus) how important it is for new school leaders to adopt a #digitalleadership practice.⁠

Social media allows principals to communicate important information and to highlight their school's accomplishments and day-to-day activities! But it also ensures that proper messages are sent out and allows principals to set the desired tone! ⁠In other words, it allows the leader to control the content and tone of the messaging.⁠

Most importantly, social media allows for creativity and innovation! It's the perfect tool to build community and to connect with your key stakeholders.⁠ And today, this is so important considering the challenges people are facing with #SocialDistancing.⁠ How are you leveraging the powers of positive social media? Let's use this platform to share best practices!⁠

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