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Embrace Your Dormant Phase to Allow Growth and Innovation

Orchids are my favourite flowers! I've had this flower for 7 years! At first, when the flower petals fell, I thought the plant was dead, then I noticed the leaves were still alive and vibrant. I kept watering the plant every week and let it be. One day, it flowered once more and looked more vibrant and alive! I thought about this concept for a minute and examined how the cycle I had just observed could be applied to my own life. ⁠

Just like this plant was in a dormant phase, regaining strength for her next blossoming, we too need to rest, recharge and go into our own dormant stage. ⁠

But as busy principals, parents, spouses.... how does this look like in REAL LIFE?⁠

I've grappled with this question too, and I've come to the conclusion that we need to take certain steps - daily to make sure we are constantly streamlining our lives to create more white space to rest and recharge.⁠

Here are my go-to questions...⁠

Before taking on any new task, I ask myself - am I the ONLY one who can do this? Can I delegate this task or better yet, ditch it?⁠

Does this task align with my core essence, with my values?⁠

Will saying yes to something help me grow and nourish my spirit?⁠

If I review my current tasks and to-dos, is there anything that is no longer serving me?⁠

Are there people in my life that are draining me? If so, what should I do about them? Distance myself? Talk with them or leave them?⁠

I invite you to reflect on these questions and even add your own! The point is to create more white space to allow you the opportunity to "go dormant" so you can rest and recharge for your next big moment.⁠


Starting today, what is the ONE thing you will be taking OFF YOUR PLATE to help you recover?⁠

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