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Certified Executive Leadership and Conscious Coach for
New or Aspiring Principals

Hi! I'm Daphne 
I help new principals navigate their first years as educational leaders. My mission is to instill in my students a feeling of confidence, competence, and a sense of control by imparting the fundamental principles essential for effective leadership. 


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The First-Year Principal

52 Practical Lessons to Help New Principals Thrive as Conscious Leaders

A practical guide designed to help new and aspiring principals thrive as conscious educational leaders


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Step Up and Step Out: A Girl’s Guide to Empowerment, Leadership, and Success offers relevant and practical professional lessons for today’s working women—whether finishing college or already pursuing a career. Inspired by 5 years of research, this book is a compellation of tried and true best practices aimed at empowering women in the workforce as they strive to live full professional and personal lives. At the end of each lesson, the reader is provided with Step Up Doables, hands-on activities to concretize each lesson. These are practical and realistic actions each woman can take to further enhance her reading experience.

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Access a library of On-Demand Courses

Evolve and grow with a growing library of on-demand courses from the

Online Academy for Educational Leaders. Each course is designed to support new and aspiring principals by helping them narrow the first-year learning gap and become focused, compassionate, and conscious leaders. 

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Rachel Molsee,

As a brand-new administrator, Daphne's coaching helped me become grounded and find a positive direction moving forward. 

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Joelle-Renée Éthier,

This coaching experience with Daphne has brought out a lot of self-reflection into my leadership skills and style!

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Natasha Lessard, 
Vice Principal (Equity)

Daphne’s conscious approach to school leadership is exactly the type of coaching new principals need to rise to this exciting challenge.

More Love!

“It is very helpful to have the guidance in reflecting back on your own goals - especially from someone as supportive and open as Daphne" - Amy B.

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